Retail design catalogued, one tea cup at a time.

which involved taking expensive designer sweaters, like these:



And turning them into this:


The sweaters were originally sold for upward of $1,300.

Here’s the catch: The sweaters are all from last season (Fall/Winter ‘13).

The piece is aptly named “Last Season”

“By slowly deconstructing these expensive knitwear sweaters from last season to their base we created one more moment of glory. Symbols of hope.”

and the result…


Gorgeous Packaging Design

By request… Aer Lingus - Ireland Travel Poster

Happy St Patrick’s Day

'The Empty Shop’ is an amazing concept. Seeing the general public donate pre-loved clothes to fill up the Empty Shop. Fashion bloggers, Stylists and fashion faces will transform the store with show stopping looks made from the donations. Every evening the store is emptied and the clothes go onto help those in need this winter. Then the next day, it starts over again!

"The clothes are the spectacle and act as a form of exchange to bring people closer to the issue. We think that’s more engaging than asking people for money."


The Empty Shop idea has already been hugely successful in Brazil where it was founded.

Oxfam/Topshop reversible bag.
George at Asda recreates the Chanel supermarket